Training to Dunk a Basketball by a 5’5” Player

When it comes to dunking, tall basketball players have a distinct advantage.

Legendary dunkers such as Vince Carter and Dominique Wilkins are well over six feet tall.

Now  you might think to yourself you don’t have a chance of getting at the rim when you’re short when you look at these ferocious dunkers.

But, it is not an excuse being a shorter basketball player for not being able to dunk. There are many short players such as Nate Robinson and Spud Webb who have proved long ago that vertically-challenged athletes are still capable of flying high.

Consistent training and perseverance are the keys to developing an impressive vertical.

Even though it may sound cliche, it is a fact.

To make you believe this, I am going to give you an example.

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Blocking More Shots in Basketball Without Fouling

Defense is one aspect of basketball that has always been crucial to winning games. The issue of blocking shots is one thing that comes within the subject of defense.

You can deny your opponent from scoring the ball by blocking shots. But, it is also the most dangerous one because many things could go wrong and turn against you when you try to block a shot.

Usually, this happens:

You will either foul your player or be pump-faked and get scored on after taking the bait and jumping. The thing is that usually when a player pump fakes you, he will want to get you in the air so he could get around you. More badly, in some cases, get you fouled and squeeze that and-1.

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My Review on Chris Paul Shooting Form

Chris Paul is a great all-around point-guard, whom we all know. He’s been an All-Star nine times in his first eleven years and his accolades speak for themselves.

We can undoubtedly say that he is one of the most gifted players in the NBA. Chris Paul can be considered as an exceptional passer, a quality leader, and an unselfish floor generator.

He is in his prime even at the age of 32. One day he could be a 50-40-90 shooter and he is coming up as one of the biggest names in the league.

If you don’t believe me, I will give you the statistics.

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Why do you need Long and Short term Goals?

For self-improvement, long-term goals can be a great motivator. You will have objectives which you can strive to achieve if you keep such goals.

You can keep long-term goals like owning a home, getting out of debt, or making it to the NBA.

I would say that each one of us should have at least one long-term goal in mind that we wish to achieve. A long-term goal will give people a general idea of what direction they want their life to go in.

But, there should be short-term goals too for every long-term plan. Short-term goals are equally important because they give you an objective to strive for in the near future.

For example, you can keep short-term goals like saving $400 a month, exercising three times a week, or running two miles every other day.

They will help you to stay on track toward achieving your ultimate long-term goals.

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Starting Calisthenics Training

If you are a beginner, you would be confused about starting your calisthenics training. I will give you a beginner calisthenics training routine you could use to get your feet wet with calisthenics through this post. This workout will be ideal for you’re new to this type of training.

Even though this is a workout for a beginner, don’t think that it is easy. The intensity is pretty high if you push yourself with these exercises. By doing so, you will get stronger, you will build muscle, and you’ll develop very quickly.

Now, let us move straight to the topic. I am going to explain to you all the exercises in detail and let you know how many sets and reps you should do to get the most out of your training.

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Body weight Exercises and Muscle Mass Building

If you ask me are bodyweight exercises good for building muscle mass, my answer would be yes. If done correctly, they can be very effective in increasing muscle mass.

Hypertrophy, which means gaining muscle mass, is one of the most common training goals, especially for men. It is very important to gain muscle mass in all stages of life, but, it is highly important in the older ages. It will help to cope better with the increasingly common phenomenon of obesity during the older ages.

Improving metabolism, muscle tone, mobility, day-to-day function, performance in sports or just your looks are also the reasons to increase muscle mass.

If you do proper bodyweight training, you can achieve all these and many more. The only thing is that you should give enough resistance and a well-planned training strategy.

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My Review on BoingVert

A number of questions come to me daily on BoingVert. People keep on asking if they are legit and do they actually work.

So, I decided to go for it and give an answer to all those who have doubts on it.

I am going to share my review here on BoingVert, which is one of the top selling programs. Continue reading if you want to find out if it can really add up to 12+ inches in 6 months.

Why should you use BoingVert?

If you search online, you can find hundreds of people on YouTube and social media that claim to have had tremendous success with the program. But I would say that the program has only very little substance on what it is actually about.

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Bar Brothers Review : 12 Week Program

Bar Brothers Review

Bar Brothers-The System is a program that got attention quite recently.

Bar Brothers

I was in search of a program that could help me build muscle and develop strength naturally without the use of weights and without the risk of injury that weights bring. This is the reason why I became curious about The System.

I’ve always wanted a natural, lean, muscular body while being able to build my core-strength as a basketball player.

I was always curious about the way some of my friends looked amazingly ripped and at the same time had the strength and speed of a gymnast.

Even though I am doing push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and chin-ups in no specific order for most of my life, I did not know that there was a complete proven system out there that could help me tone up and build muscle strength naturally.

This is the reason why I got attracted to The System.

The Need for The System

It was one of the friends who introduced the Bar Brothers program to me for the first time. I learned that it was based on a system of Calisthenics exercises after a bit of my research. Calisthenics exercises is a way of toning your muscles and building strength naturally by just using a pull-up/chin-up bar.

As I was suffering from shoulder and back pain through many instances in my life, I wanted to try this program out.

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My Views on Air Alert

Most of the athletes and basketball players are behind ways to increase their vertical leap. If you have searched for ways for it online, you might have come across the name Air Alert.

I would suggest you to stay away from this program. This article will tell you why should you avoid this program while looking for ways to increase your vertical jump.

It has a false logic behind it which I will explain to you. I will also point out the problems behind this program.

So let us begin.

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Here’s Why You Should Add Calisthenic and Body Weight Exercises To Your Training

You may be familiar with the Spartan Warriors who were known for their military and physical supremacy. were trained primarily through athletics and body-weight/calisthenics exercises because there weren’t a lot of options back then. Going to the gym was not at all an option then.

Surveys suggest that body-weight training is in the second place in the trends that are expected to lead in 2018.

The Need for Calisthenics

I really stand for Calisthenics as I am an athlete for a long time. I would say that body-weight exercises are an integral part of a healthy workout program. But, only a few people make use of them now. Most of them have forgotten about the importance of these exercises and the many benefits inherent in them.

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