3 Tips On How To Jump Higher For Basketball

Want to learn how to jump higher for basketball? I’ll show you ways you can improve your vertical and start jumping higher than ever before. First off, let me guess. Do you want to jump higher so you can dunk? Or is it simply because you want to get better? We all have our own reasons we want to jump higher and I don’t blame you.

I always wanted to jump like Vince Carter, one of the best dunkers to ever play the game of basketball. I’ve tried so many different workouts but none of them worked. That was before I discovered the best vertical jump manual ever. It’s created by Jeffrey M. James, a well known professional coach that has helped hundreds like me start jumping higher.

Now I can grab the rim easily, dunk a few times a game, and is playing much better than I’ve ever played before. Today I’ll give you 3 tips on how you can start jumping higher and improving your vertical.

Vert Shock

1. Always Warm Up. After playing basketball for over 5+ years, I’ve come to learn that this is extremely important especially if you want/need to jump higher for basketball. Properly warming up will allow your muscles to work 100%, rather than 60-70% if you didn’t warm up. Warming up will also help reduce the chance you injure yourself or have a cramp which is also really important to try to avoid. Warming up allows me to jump 2-3 inches higher than not warming up pre-game. That’s a huge difference.

2. Jump Ropes. Jump ropes are a great way to warm up, but also really useful to train to improve your vertical and speed. However, you must jump rope intensely for it to have an effect. By intensely, I mean jumping as fast as you can. This will help you build muscle elasticity and quickness. Great rebounders always practice jump roping because it trains their body to jump back up as fast as possible after they land.

3. Sprinting. Have you ever noticed that those who can jump really high and have an incredibly high vertical are all also extremely fast? Of course, if you’re a really tall player, 6 foot 6 or above, you don’t need to jump that high to dunk but the story is different for the rest of us. Take a look at John Wall or Derrick Rose for example. They’re both point guards but they have incredible explosiveness and vertical. Both of them can run down the court past multiple defenders and just rise up for an easy dunk. They’re both also #1 draft picks. Do you see the importance of being able to jump really high and dunk now?

Well, I hope my first article with these 3 tips on how you can start jumping higher helped you. My writing might not be the best but I hope to help other basketball players just like myself. I remember how I REALLY wanted to learn how to dunk back then. Keep checking back on this site, I plan to write more articles with different strategies and approaches later.

For now, check out this post about the important shoes by Jeffrey M. James, the creator of the 50 Inch Vertical system that I used to help me start dunking and being more explosiveness.

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