My Review on Chris Paul Shooting Form

Chris Paul is a great all-around point-guard, whom we all know. He’s been an All-Star nine times in his first eleven years and his accolades speak for themselves.

We can undoubtedly say that he is one of the most gifted players in the NBA. Chris Paul can be considered as an exceptional passer, a quality leader, and an unselfish floor generator.

He is in his prime even at the age of 32. One day he could be a 50-40-90 shooter and he is coming up as one of the biggest names in the league.

If you don’t believe me, I will give you the statistics.

Paul hit 48.5% of his field goal attempts (FGM), 39.8% of his 3s, and 90% from the free-throw line in 2014-15.

This gives an idea of how close he is.

The King of Mid-Range

In NBA, Chris Paul may have the best mid-range pull-up. It is from 10-feet to the 3pt line that he takes a high percentage of his shots.

Now, we can compare CP3 to Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry, who are two other elite sharpshooter point-guards.

When we talk about the percentage of shots made from 10-feet to the 3pt Line, Chris Paul has 50%, while Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry has 28% and 36% respectively.

This gives a clear picture of how easily Paul shoots more pull-ups than both Steph and Kyrie.

Next, we can compare percentage compared to Steph from 16-feet to the 3pt line. While it is 48.7% for Chris Paul, Stephen Curry has only 39.4%.

You yourself can see a big difference here.

CP3 Shooting Mechanics

Here, we are going to break down Paul’s shooting mechanics and his favorite moves.

As mentioned earlier, Paul is a turn shooter which means, he turns his legs when he shoots.

When shooting off the pass, he is a dipper, which means, he lowers the ball a bit when catching it before pulling it up.

Apart from all these, he uses the sweep & sway technique, which means that  his feet move forward and his shoulders sway back. Thus, he gets better range and better arc on his shot.

Chris also does the hop. As he dominates with the hop, he is so quick off the dribble. He continuously hops and he is hard to stop.

This may be due to his height. He is 5’11” high and he is a really small guy for the NBA. As he is a small player, he probably needs to hop.

However, it has to be said that what he lacks in height, he makes up for with his shot. Chris Paul has been successful in making the mid-range pull-up fade-away an impossible shot to block.

This man also has a solid floater which enables him to finish over big defenders after he’s done slicing through the defense.

Hall of Fame Bound

Chris Paul will easily become a Hall of Famer if he can keep up with these great stats.

Still, a question arises which is, will CP3 be like Steve Nash, John Stockton, and Reggie Miller? These are the 3 quality shooters who never won a championship.

We have to wait for time to tell it.

But, I will sternly say that I am a huge fan of CP3. I would say that he’s one of the best point guards the game has ever saw. He has the ability to pass, dribble, make superb decisions, and he has truly become a master at the art of shooting.

There are people who argue that he’s even better than Curry. This is a topic for another discussion.

I seriously hope that by the time CP3 retires, he will have earned himself a ring because he truly deserves it, be it one way or another.

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