Exercises to Dunk

Exercises to Dunk

It is very important for basketball players to jump higher because they can get closer to the rim when they shoot and even dunk at times.

This will increase a player’s shooting percentage. The explosive force that their legs can produce decides how high a basketball player can jump.

So you must perform plyometrics to train your lower body power. For this, you should do exercises that involve high speed, explosive movements.

Jump Squats

You can start by performing jump squats with your body weight only. You have to place your feet hip-width apart and lower down into a full squat until your knees are bent to about 90 degrees.

Your fingers have to be interlocked and place your hands behind your head or hold a basketball with both hands at your chest. Extend your hips and knees immediately to rise up into a maximum-height jump.

Raise the ball over your head with arms extended, if you are holding one. You must land softly and then immediately lower back down into a squat.

Do the next repetition. Two sets of 10 back-to-back jumps have to be completed.

Rim Jumps

For this, you will have to stand underneath the basketball rim with a basketball held over your head. Your feet have to be positioned shoulder-width apart.

You guys usually think how to jump higher in the basketball. Now, you must bend your knees slightly and then promptly explode into a maximum-height jump. Tap the rim above your head with the ball, if you can. Take off again into the next repetition immediately once you land.

You have to be set atop the box and in the proper position before performing the next depth jump. Two sets of five repetitions have to be performed.

Low Post Jumps with Medicine Balls

You need a partner and a medicine ball for low post jump. You will have to stand on the lower block of the key as if you were posting up your defender with your partner set at the wing position with the medicine ball.

Have your partner throw you a chest pass once you are ready. You have to jump forward to catch the ball with your elbows out. Now, you must pivot down the key and rise up into a maximum jump.

You have to touch the rim with the medicine ball. Make sure to land softly and then pass the medicine ball back to your partner and set yourself for the next repetition.

Two sets of 10 have to be completed with the first set done with you pivoting down the key and the second set with you pivoting up the key.

Doing these exercises will help you to dunk easily. This will be highly beneficial for you if you are an athlete, especially, a basketball player.

You will be able to jump higher and gain hands over the other players with your capacity to jump higher. then other players.

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You will able to jump inches higher if you practice these exercises on a regular basis. These exercises will be surely helpful for you.