Training to Dunk a Basketball by a 5’5” Player

When it comes to dunking, tall basketball players have a distinct advantage.

Legendary dunkers such as Vince Carter and Dominique Wilkins are well over six feet tall.

Now  you might think to yourself you don’t have a chance of getting at the rim when you’re short when you look at these ferocious dunkers.

But, it is not an excuse being a shorter basketball player for not being able to dunk. There are many short players such as Nate Robinson and Spud Webb who have proved long ago that vertically-challenged athletes are still capable of flying high.

Consistent training and perseverance are the keys to developing an impressive vertical.

Even though it may sound cliche, it is a fact.

To make you believe this, I am going to give you an example.

Brandon Todd, A 5’5″ Dunker

This is a unique case of someone who, despite his physical stature, was not willing to give up on his dream.

He is a small guy from Ohio who just wanted to dunk a basketball.

His height, at 5’5″, was a major roadblock in his way.

But, this guy, Brandon Todd proved that there are no boundaries to what you can accomplish when you truly want something.

The Quest for Dunking

Brandon Todd always had dreams of slamming down a basketball through the rim, standing at a mere height of only 5 feet 5 inches tall. But, his height was the main obstacle preventing him from reaching his goal.

Brandon started questioning whether he would ever be able to complete his mission, after numerous failed attempts at dunking. Luckily, he did not let his past failures to continue to haunt him.

Brandon can now consistently dunk a basketball on a regular basis as a testament to the benefits of an effective training regimen.

I am posting this story for you because I wanted you to see that it’s not impossible for you to dunk even if you’re short.

The question I asked myself when I had a hard time progressing with my vertical was, “Can I even do it?”. I have also thought about quitting altogether many times.

One of the figures gave me the motivation to keep going, to not let go of my dream, and to keep pushing forward towards that day where I’ll finally be able to have a dunk was Brandon Todd.

He is not a superhuman. But, he can be considered as a classic case of how solid hard work pays off. Brandon gave me the confidence that I needed back in the days when I was still barely touching the rim.

I too began to say “I can do it“ because of him. All credits go to him.

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