Vert Shock Program Review – The TRUTH Will SHOCK You!

Vert Shock Review

Everybody sports person will have the wish to become a great dunker. You may have tried many tutorials that are available on youtube to improve your vertical jump.

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You may under 6 feet or an un-athlete and still want to dunk. But don’t leave your hope.

There are some other ways through which you can reach your goal.

Have you heard about Vert Shock? This is the answer to your vertical jump questions. You can increase your jump a 9-15+ inch with this training program.

This article will give you the exact review of this training program covering all its aspects.

So let us begin.

What is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock

This is one of the famous training manuals for people who would like to increase 9 to 15 inches to their vertical jump within 8 weeks.

For those who have a confusion on vertical jump, is the difference between the highest point you are able to touch from a standing jump and the height you can touch from a standing position.

This has to be done without taking any steps before jumping.

This is to prevent the individual from converting some of the developed energy in the taken step into the upward lift generated by the force of propulsion.

A vertical jump of at least 40 inches can be regarded as outstanding.

The training Manual of Vert Shock program reveals the techniques for this.

For Whom?

It is true that many basketball players have benefited from this training program.

But you should not misunderstand that Vert Shock is only for basketball players.

Baseball players, high jumpers, volleyball players, martial artists, football players, and sprinters can benefit from this training program.

This program teaches you how to be in the range of what is regarded as a good jump.

Three Phases

As mentioned earlier, Vert Shock is an 8-week program which is split into three phases namely pre-shock, shock, and post-shock.

There is a function for each phase to increase your vertical jump.

Let us have a detailed look at each of these three phases.

  1. Pre Shock

This phase is just for a week. It is to prepare you for the shock phase, which is the key phase of the program lasting for 6 weeks.

You will be trained using several exercises in the pre-shock phase.

The Pre shock phase prepares you and your muscles to adjust yourself to the next phase of the workout.

This phase can also be called as a preparation phase.

But there are many people who report that they have gained enhancement on the vertical jump about 3-5 inch during this phase.

  1. Shock

You will be given more intensive exercise during the shock phase. In order to train for maximum result, your body will constantly be under pressure during this phase.

You will have to do a workout for 4 to 5 days a week with strict exercise in the shock phase.  

These exercises are to strengthen and activate the fast-twitch muscle fibers on your body.

This will help you to speed up your program to get maximum movement when doing the vertical jump.

Adam Folker and Justin have made some instructions for this phase that you have to without choosing what program you will follow or not.

If you want a maximum result, you must follow the instruction to do all the exercises.

If you don’t, you will not get the result you wish. You will increase your vertical jump at least 7 – 9 inch in this phase.

  1. Post Shock

Post-shock is the last phase of this program which aims to maximize the result from the previous phases.

It is also a recovery phase for your body after doing the previous phase.

You will get increased on your vertical jump on the first two phases.

In this phase, you only will do recovery and strengthen.

You can see the results of the previous phases in this phase.

Things You Will Learn From Vert Shock

  1. Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Through this program, you will learn how and why fast-twitch muscle fibers important for vertical jump through this program.

Fibers can be used in generating energy from both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism.

So you can say that they are a combination of Type I and Type II muscle fibers. You can produce powerful and quick bursts of speed through them.

This program will also teach you the secrets of the muscle fiber.

They have the highest contraction (rapid firing) rate of all the types of muscle fibers in the body.

You can take the advantage of it to improve your vert shock.

Vert Shock

  1. The Secrets of Vertical Jump

This program teaches you what vertical jumps are all about.

People do not have knowledge of certain things which are needed for good heights in jumping, which is the reason they fail in vertical jumping.

Most people think that the vert shock measurement displays your ability to elevate off the ground from a run-up. But this is not true.

You will have to follow the rules to reach your goals and to prevent inflating your vertical jumps.

  1. Muscle Fibers

If you want to know how to always get explosive performance out of your muscle fibers, this is the right guide.

This program teaches you what these fibers are and how you can take advantage of them.

You will learn the difference between the slow twitch muscle fibers and the fast twitch muscle fibers.

It will also teach you about the one you really need out of the two for your vertical jumping.

The slow twitch muscle fibers slowly contract whereas the fast twitch ones contract quickly.

The guide also reveals how do these affect your vert shock performance.

  1. The Central Nervous System

We all know that the central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord and that it is what coordinates and influences the activity of each of the different parts of the body.

Here what you should understand is how does this affect vertical jumping.

You will learn the various methods for producing explosive power through the central nervous system through this program.

It will make you understand how your force output can be increased and then increase the distance over which that force is applied.

Thus you will learn to keep time and force constant.

In these two factors, the central nervous system plays an important role.

  1. Exercises

This program has many exercises.

But you should know which of them really strengthens important muscle fibers to have a higher vertical jump.

Many people do not know this. All these details are revealed in the vertical jump training guide.

You will have many doubts on exercises like are deadlifts good exercises, how often should you use them in jumping, what are the alternatives that should be considered for better jumping, can deadlifts replace squats etc.

You will get the answers to all these questions from this program.

  1. Warm-up Techniques

Most of the people do not know the warm-up techniques for good vertical jumping.

You may not know what is the effectiveness of submaximal jump warm-up, stretching warm-up, weighted jump warm-up, and no warm-up.

Neither you may know which of these is likely to produce the greatest results in vertical jumping.

You will get answers to all these questions through Vert Shock Jump Training Program.

  1. Force Output

You may want to know about the ways to increase your force output in vert shock regardless of the sport you play.

It is very important to use of arm swings and counter-movements of the legs before you take off because they greatly increase the center of the mass rise of the body.

You must know how you can use these.

You must also know what role do the knees play in improving jump height by at least 12% and how you can increase height by at least 10% through your arms.

All these things are revealed in Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training.

  1. Muscle Imbalance

This is the front-to-back differences in muscle strength and length. These are often responsible for most musculoskeletal pain syndromes.

It could be dangerous to health and affect the vertical jumping.

The ways through which muscular imbalances can be fixed are revealed through Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training.

It will teach you how to get maximum power, speed, and strength in jumping.


The Vert Shock Vertical Jump Training is very well put together.

There is a 10-minute introduction as soon as you purchase a membership, which prepares you for the tough weeks ahead.

There are no tons of irrelevant materials in this program.

You can print out your worksheets, watch the tutorial videos and get cracking.

There will be a lot of jump in this program.

You will be performing 3684 jumps over 8 weeks if you follow the program 100%.

Thus there will be an average of over twice as many actual jumps than any other jump program per day.


There are no much cons for this program.

Some small details like the fact you can’t download the videos for offline viewing may annoy you.

Also, the program has some ‘unlockable’ content that needs to be paid for.


The Vert Shock program is available at a cost of $67.

Also, there is a 60-day money back guarantee for this program.

So if the program did not work for you, you can get your money back.

If you are a Vertical Jump Development reader you will get an off of 50%.

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